Sweet Garlic Jerky

Sweet Garlic Jerky


If you like your snack on the sweet side, Venice Smokehouse Sweet Garlic could become you new addiction! Our Sweet Garlic beef jerky tastes like candy! It satisfies your sweet tooth without added sugar or fat.

Why We Love It 

The texture is smooth, not tough or gooey. With a sweet, smoky profile and hints of molasses and spicy garlic, this jerky is easy to enjoy as an everyday snack or meal replacement. Sweet Garlic Jerky will also add a ton of flavor to your favorite dishes. Try it with fried rice!   Venice Smokehouse Beef Jerky is made in small batches and contains no added preservatives, nitrites or MSG.  

Ingredients: Beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, spice, vinegar, liquid smoke

* Select GF for our gluten free/grass fed option


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