Jalapeño Garlic Jerky

Jalapeño Garlic Jerky


A Venice Smokehouse best seller! A spicy blend of garlic, brown sugar and jalapeño makes Venice Smokehouse Jalapeño Garlic Beef Jerky a fulfilling snack. A rush of jalapeño heat settles into a delicate molasses sweetness for a layered flavor experience.

Why We Love It
Our small batch Jalapeño Garlic beef jerky has real personality! It tingles your lips and tongue but leaves behind a sweet smoky note that will have you wanting more. Jalapeño Garlic jerky energizes your taste buds while giving you a low fat dose of high quality protein.

Venice Smokehouse Beef Jerky is made in small batches and contains no added preservatives, nitrites or MSG.

Beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, jalapeño spice, vinegar, liquid smoke

* Select GF for our gluten free/grass fed option