about venice smokehouse

What do sun, sand and surf have to do with beef jerky?

Everything! At Venice Smokehouse our organic, all natural snacks are created in the spirit of a beloved community where nature influences lifestyle. From surfers, skateboarders, bikers, weightlifters, activists, creatives, entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds, Venice Beach is the source of inspiration.

Throughout history, beef jerky has been important element of a healthy and active lifestyle. The nutrient dense, portable snack has provided fuel to civilizations for centuries. Venice Smokehouse was created to continue this concept. Our first product was Original Teriyaki Beef Jerky and we have since grown to offer several specialized varieties of jerky as well as Organic Granola, Organic Trail Mix and Dried Organic Fruit. All of our snacks are high in protein, low to non-existent in fat and made to give you sustained energy for whatever life demands

Venice Smokehouse is committed to getting back to the roots of sustainable living. We start with natural, protein rich ingredients made without hormones or gluten. We combine these quality ingredients with our secret recipes to make healthy, superior tasting snacks